Buy a puppie

When you buy a puppy:

We take for an expression of interest (send from the contact page on our site) where you describe about yourselve and why you are interested in buying a puppy from us and the breed and little else we might need to know. ( You who never had the breed before, I recommend reading a little before you decide  it).  There is no queuing system system , we will select those that we know feel right, then you are going to hear from me, And before any puppy can be booked, I would like to meet you a few times to see if the chemistry etc. is still matching and for a continued interview about your family life, working hours, etc.. The first visit is at 4 weeks at approximately at 6-7 weeks we together can locate the right puppy for you, I have the right to deny puppies I think not fit you. If you want you can pay for booking but im not paid back in regret.
Of course, we are always in contact, important to me that you constantly show your interest and not only belong to you 2 times during the 8 weeks, and when the puppies are eight weeks they are ready for delivery and can be picked up by the new owners.

You are welcome to visit us  at WHEN we can, call the booking time if you want to meet the dogs before Planned mating.

Does not charge  debit or ”buddy prizes” ..

Desirable that you use the same insurance company as us, most easily, the puppies insured in the same way as their mother. The puppies SHOULD be insured in companies when they take the last step from our house to new adventure, You will get it all a few days before delivery so you can insure the puppy before or do you here with us. A copy of it shall be displayed

When you get your puppie :

* vaccinated

* inspected by veterinary

* Id rated

* dewormed

* hidden defects insured by the mother ( we have Agria )

* Kennel Club registered pedigree

* Small puppie kit

* help and advice (always answer it as I can) in the dog’s life

Hope and wish you x-ray the dogs between 12-24 months and so do the mental test BPH or MH at 12-24 months, important to me to evaluate the puppy 🙂


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